Baby Loss

To have your hopes and dreams regarding your pregnancy dashed can be devastating.


To experience a baby loss through a miscarriage or further on in a pregnancy can be a frightening experience to go through and you will experience many different emotions.


You might feel you had little control over what was happening and be unsure about what is going to happen next. You may feel alone and find it hard to talk about what has happened.


What is baby loss counselling?

At the Acorn Centre we provide a confidential, calm and supportive environment where we can help you to talk about how you are feeling. You will be able to discuss your baby loss with a trained counsellor and explain what it means to you and your family.


We encourage you to be patient with yourself, and to give yourself time to heal from the physical and emotional effects of your loss. Our counsellors understand that everyone is unique and that reactions differ to this type of loss.


What can I expect from baby loss counselling?

Counselling takes place at our Centre in Nuneaton during our opening hours.


Once you’ve made an appointment with the Centre, you will be seen by one of our trained counsellors (with or without your partner) who will ask you a few questions about what you hope to get out of the counselling. This is an initial assessment appointment and a counsellor will be assigned to you after this session.


You will then be able to discuss timings of future appointments and also the cost of counselling. Each session usually lasts up to one hour.


All of our counselling is strictly confidential and non-judgmental.

How can baby loss counselling help me?

Our aim is to give you time to discuss your baby loss and come to terms with your grief. We can help you to process what has happened to you and your family and give you space where you can discuss your true feelings.


Sometimes it can be hard to share your sadness and grief with family and friends, especially as time moves on. The loss of a baby ­– no matter at what stage of the pregnancy – can affect people for the rest of their lives. We understand this and give you time and space to discuss these feelings and develop coping mechanisms.



For further information:

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Download our baby loss leaflet by clicking on the image (left).