Infertility Issues

Around one in seven couples struggles with the difficulty of conceiving. This equates to 3.5m people in the UK.


There are many factors that can affect a person’s fertility and coping with the emotional distress associated with this can be a daily challenge.


What is infertility counselling?

The Acorn Centre offers counselling support to help you explore your feelings, become clearer about your situation and find new ways of coping.


If you are considering fertility treatment or are going through treatment, our trained counsellors can give you time and space to discuss how you are feeling during this emotionally-charged experience.


Equally if you are coming to terms with a failed treatment, are considering alternative options or have decided to move on from trying for a family, we can help you to explore your feelings.


You may also be facing infertility due to treatment for cancer, and our trained counsellors offer support in this area too.


What can I expect from infertility counselling?

Counselling takes place at our Centre in Nuneaton during our opening hours.


Once you’ve made an appointment with the Centre, you will be seen by one of our trained counsellors (with or without your partner) who will ask you a few questions about what you hope to get out of the counselling. This is an initial assessment appointment and a counsellor will be assigned to you after this session.


You will then be able to discuss timings of future appointments and also the cost of counselling. Each session usually lasts up to one hour.


All of our counselling is strictly confidential and non-judgmental.


How can infertility counselling help me?

We give you time to discuss your infertility issues and help you to share how they are affecting you and those closest to you.


Being unable to conceive can be a form of grief. Explaining this to friends and family can be difficult at any stage in your life but our trained counsellors understand these emotions, giving you the time and space to talk.


We understand the emotional difficulties surrounding infertility and can support you through this distressing time and help you develop coping mechanisms.



For further information:

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