Postnatal depression

Postnatal depression is more common than people realise and affects one in 10 women after the birth of a baby.


It can develop in the first six weeks after birth but is often not apparent until around six months. It can often go undetected and many women are unaware that they have it, even though they do not feel quite right.


What is postnatal depression counselling?

We offer counselling to help you cope with feelings of postnatal depression. When treated, postnatal depression can be a temporary condition that you can recover from.


There is no specific cause of postnatal depression but it can result from the physical and emotional stress of looking after a newborn baby, hormonal changes and individual circumstances.


Our trained counsellors can give you the time and space to discuss how you are feeling and help you to get the support you need during this time.



What can I expect from postnatal depression counselling?

Counselling takes place at our Centre in Nuneaton during our opening hours.


Once you’ve made an appointment with the Centre, you will be seen by one of our trained counsellors (with or without your partner) who will ask you a few questions about what you hope to get out of the counselling. This is an initial assessment appointment and a counsellor will be assigned to you after this session.


You will then be able to discuss timings of future appointments and also the cost of counselling. Each session usually lasts up to one hour.


All of our counselling is strictly confidential and non-judgmental.

How can postnatal depression counselling help me?

We will give you a safe and comfortable environment to discuss your feelings and help you with your illness.


It is common to have feelings of hopelessness and to take little or no pleasure in doing things that would normally make you happy. Our trained counsellors can help you recognise your condition and provide support in your recovery through talking therapies.




Further information

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